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I think we can move to the voting stage and your suggestions sound good Steven.


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> On Dec 5, 2016, at 4:49 AM, Steven Feldman <shfeldman at gmail.com> wrote:
> Conference Committee Members
> The question period is now closed. I think the the Dar es Salaam team have answered the questions, it is for you to decide whether those answers are satisfactory.
> The selection process now allows for a period of discussion amongst the CC members (possibly an IRC) however given the small number of questions and a sole bidder I am not sure what would be gained from a further discussion. Can you respond within the next 48 hours if you wish to schedule a discussion, otherwise I will move on to the voting stage.
> Re voting. I think that we should follow the process and hold a vote even though there is only one proposal for consideration. My suggestion is that we include a second option in the vote - “No to Dar es Salaam”. I am not in any way say suggesting that there is anything wrong with the Dar proposal or that I would vote against it but I am suggesting that in a secret ballot anyone who is opposed to the Dar proposal should have a way of registering that vote. In the event that the no vote exceeded the yes vote we would then recommend to the board that we recommence the selection process.
> If the CC view is that my suggestion is an unnecessary bit of bureaucracy then I will proceed in whatever way you suggest. Either way can you confirm your preference at the same time as indicating whether you want an IRC before voting.
> Cheers and seasons greetings to you and yours
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> Steven
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