[OSGeo-Conf] Question: share attendee list ?

till.adams at fossgis.de till.adams at fossgis.de
Tue Dec 20 02:21:01 PST 2016

Dear ConfComm,

I want to discuss and listen to your opinions regarding the following 
Boston asked me to share our attendee list with them, so they can 
contact our attendees and deliver their news to them.

As all non-americans among us might know, we have strict privacy laws 
here in Europe. So this is one point and another one is, that we do not 
know, whether participants of F4G 2016 are happy to get contacted by the 
Boston team. Some of them may, some not. It's even unsure that those, 
that registered for Bonn and checked the box, that they want to get 
updates from us really like to get contacted from the next team.
And - as said - I am kind of unsure, how the legal position is, when I 
pass the list over...

Do not understand me wrong: I support the Boston team on all questions 
and I am happy to help them, but before passing over the list, I'd like 
to know about your positions.
Perhaps we also can derive some rules on how to proceed with the 
attendees lists in the following years?

Kind regards & happy Chrismas to everybody,


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