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Dear all,
regarding EU law on personal data and privacy, you NEED to collect from
individuals a consent for the collection and storage of personal data and
you NEED to inform about who is collecting data, how they are stored and
secured, who is financing, who will have access, what are they used for,

This is the normal practice to collect data in EU projects and it is also
followed by a number of USA universities within their ethical procedures.

So basically you need an information sheet and a consent form signed (or
voluntary agreed with a click) if you want to store the data.

This is an example of how the recruitment and data collection should be


Il 20 dic 2016 9:29 PM, "Darrell Fuhriman" <darrell at garnix.org> ha scritto:

> Sorry if this a duplicate for some. I sent it from the wrong address and
> it was rejected.
> d.
> Begin forwarded message:
> *From:* Darrell Fuhriman <darrell at pdx.edu>
> *Date:* December 20, 2016 at 12:10:51 CST
> *To:* Michael Terner <mgt at appgeo.com>
> *Cc:* Till Adams <till.adams at fossgis.de>, FOSS4G 2017 Boston LOC <
> foss4g-2017-boston-loc at googlegroups.com>, ConfCom <
> conference_dev at lists.osgeo.org>, Guido Stein <gstein at appgeo.com>
> *Subject:* *Re: [OSGeo-Conf] Question: share attendee list ?*
> I agree with all of this. We had a mailchimp account which we passed to
> Korea. I assumed they had passed it to Bonn and so on.
> I agree that it makes total sense to have one that is maintained by OSGeo
> in perpetuity.
> I don't know how data privacy laws apply, but I certainly don't think that
> each successive FOSS4G should be treated as a unique entities — it's all
> OSGeo, just managed by a different group of people each year.
> d.
> On Dec 20, 2016, at 08:14, Michael Terner <mgt at appgeo.com> wrote:
> + Boston LOC list
> Till & Steven:
> Thanks for taking our request seriously. We understand, and absolutely
> respect the personal data and privacy issues associated with email and
> registration lists. And we will accept and appreciate whatever you feel you
> are able to do in this regard. We just wanted to update you and the list
> with several things we're planning and doing already and that pertain to
> this topic:
>    1. We have secured a paid MailChimp account for FOSS4G 2017. We
>    received access to the Bonn MailChimp account through the marketing team
>    (Marc, Gert) and have successfully imported the several thousand email that
>    were assembled through various opt-ins over the years.
>    2. MailChimp has explicit rules about how to use their service, and
>    they do *not* want to be known as a SPAM platform (they'd probably say
>    a "keeping in touch platform"). These include providing a good, working
>    unsubscribe on all correspondence and tracking the opt-outs. We will
>    absolutely follow their rules.
>    3. As of last night, we did our first outbound message to that list
>    (with an unfortunate type-o in our attribution block that has now been
>    corrected in our template [and that Venka alerted us to]). Among other
>    things this is the first announcement that Richard Stallman is one of our
>    keynotes; and this message includes the clear MailChimp unsubscribe.
>    4. We have also assembled a supplementary list from a variety of
>    sources - e.g., other conference and trade organization lists; Open Source
>    project members; etc. - and we will be doing a single, outbound message to
>    these people. Unlike the message in #3, this message to this list will
>    include *only *a request for an explicit "opt-in" (e.g., click here to
>    join our list) and those people who opt-in will be added to the master
>    MailChimp list. Those who do not opt-in, will not hear from us again.
>    5. We strongly support Till's proposed approach of having the Bonn
>    Team send a "farewell notice" that includes the opportunity to "opt in" to
>    the Boston mailing list. That sounds like a perfect solution and we'd be
>    pleased to provide you the opt-in link (which is already on our
>    web-site <http://2017.foss4g.org>, and points to this location on the
>    OSGeo web-site
>    <https://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/foss4g2017-announce>) or
>    anything else you need from us.
>    6. Steven's suggestions for our own registration page make good sense,
>    i.e., let registrants "opt-in" to correspondence from future conferences
>    during registration. We will work with our PCO to make sure their
>    registration system can support that.
> Ultimately, we believe that most of the people who attended Bonn are on
> the "already opted in" master MailChimp list. One of our interests in the
> registration list is just tracking things like people who have
> attended/registered for both conferences in an effort to fully understand
> the attendee base (i.e., it's not just for sending outbound email).
> Thanks again for your support...
> MT
> On Tue, Dec 20, 2016 at 7:27 AM, <till.adams at fossgis.de> wrote:
>> Hi Steven, ConfComm, @Boston-team,
>> (I included BLOC, as they are the directly affected)
>> @Steven, thanks to jump in here. I digged a little deeper and although
>> the system we used for registration is not available any more, I am quite
>> sure (and found some text drafts for this), that we declared not to hand
>> over the personal data for registration to anybody else. So this excludes
>> your proposed first option and also to hand over the full list to Boston.
>> Sorry for that.
>> I think we could do the following:
>> We, Bonn team,  will write one last email, reaching out all the
>> attendees, give them some last facts about F4G'16, include links on
>> articles about F4G 2016 on several platforms, attach a few selected but
>> really nice pictures and thank them all for their attendance. In this email
>> we will hint the people to Boston and the possibility to actively ask for
>> news about F4G'17. So people can actively get in touch with the Boston team
>> and request for further information about F4G'17.
>> Personally I do not like the platforms, where I have to un-check the
>> pre-checked box "Please send me advertising and further information", even
>> if you have the opportunity to optout. The end of the story is:
>> You have to be aware and active, otherwise you get the
>> information/advertising/whatever-spam.
>> I prefer the other way around: If people do nothing, they do not get
>> anything.
>> So for the general proceeding on this topic I would propose the following:
>> First, I would ask BLOC (I like this and really wonder, why we did not
>> have this idea before ;-)) to deliver an "optin" link and leave the
>> technical proceeding on this to them.
>> Second we can ask BLOC to include a(n un-)checked checkbox in their
>> registration form "Keep me up to date about upcoming F4G events" which
>> includes to at least pass over their email-adress to future teams. In any
>> information any future F4G team send out, people get the chance to optout.
>> For the technical stuff I see the problem you lined out. That should be
>> solved in either way.... just some thoughts on this:
>> The mailchimp also needs kind of "administrator" ....
>> A perhaps not perfect but very easy and easy-to-realize solution would be
>> to create a new mailing list "FOSS4G News" and ask people to register, if
>> they want get the news-feed.
>> So every future team can use this address to post their news on their
>> event.
>> Any comments?
>> Regards, Till
>> Am 2016-12-20 12:11, schrieb Steven Feldman:
>>> We went through this discussion last year and I’m not sure whether
>>> we reached a conclusion.
>>> I am in favour of passing 2016 names to 2017 team but I recognise that
>>> data protection rules are a constraint. I see 2 options (others may
>>> chip in with more)
>>>         * Provide the names of all people that ‘ticked the box’ in 2016 -
>>> possibly Boston team should send their first mail to this group with
>>> an explanation of why they are receiving the mail and an optout
>>>         * Send one mail to all of the 2016 names saying that we would
>>> like to
>>> pass their details to Boston team and giving them the option to opt
>>> out by replying ‘unsubscribe’ plus they will always have the
>>> option to opt out in the future
>>> It would be much easier if OSGeo had a mailchimp or equivalent service
>>> that could handle lists and opt outs etc and track mailings, the
>>> service could be used by all our global and regional events. A mail
>>> chimp account would cost $50/month for up to 5,000 mail recipients (<
>>> 2,000 is free)
>>>  ______
>>> Steven
>>> On 20 Dec 2016, at 10:21, till.adams at fossgis.de [1] wrote:
>>>> Dear ConfComm,
>>>> I want to discuss and listen to your opinions regarding the
>>>> following issue:
>>>> Boston asked me to share our attendee list with them, so they can
>>>> contact our attendees and deliver their news to them.
>>>> As all non-americans among us might know, we have strict privacy
>>>> laws here in Europe. So this is one point and another one is, that
>>>> we do not know, whether participants of F4G 2016 are happy to get
>>>> contacted by the Boston team. Some of them may, some not. It's even
>>>> unsure that those, that registered for Bonn and checked the box,
>>>> that they want to get updates from us really like to get contacted
>>>> from the next team.
>>>> And - as said - I am kind of unsure, how the legal position is, when
>>>> I pass the list over...
>>>> Do not understand me wrong: I support the Boston team on all
>>>> questions and I am happy to help them, but before passing over the
>>>> list, I'd like to know about your positions.
>>>> Perhaps we also can derive some rules on how to proceed with the
>>>> attendees lists in the following years?
>>>> Kind regards & happy Chrismas to everybody,
>>>> Till
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