[OSGeo-Conf] Open open source, reduce registration fees.

Till Adams till.adams at fossgis.de
Thu Feb 9 08:01:03 PST 2017


many thanks Ian, I share your opinion. As long as we have affordable
regional/local events, we can (and should) have one big event per year.
That does not mean, that costs should raise and raise, but if we keep
the costs for the conference in the frame of 600-850 $, I really do not
see any problems. (And please compare our fees to any other 3-day
conferences ... ;-))

If I seperate the fees we had in Bonn, I can state that we spent about
2/3 of the money for
- conference venue (where is the place to host 800 - 1000 people?? - Of
course, an official conference venue)
- food (in our case, the caterer was fixed with the venue)

We could have saved 7-9% of the fees by not making the boat trip and
replace it with any party, where people even had to pay for their food.
Go there, be happy and forget it, because you joined hundreds of these
parties in your life. I think the most impressive event for the
participants (and also for those, just looking from outside) at FOSS4G
in Bonn was the Social Event on the boat.
Impressive atmosphere.
Impressive pictures.
Personally, I will never forget this event and I am quite sure, that
most of those, who joined us, won't also.

Even if you are able to lower the fees under 550$ does not influence the
decision of 99% of the people whether to attend or not.

Having an international event with this size definitely costs money and
if we as a community (including science, individuals, developers, but
also business) don't want to go back to Stone Age, we need at least one
representative event. If we do not host such an event, others will do.
For sure.


Am 09.02.2017 um 16:24 schrieb Ian Turton:
> On 9 February 2017 at 14:29, Venkatesh Raghavan <venka.osgeo at gmail.com
> <mailto:venka.osgeo at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     My trip to FOSS4G-Bonn cost me 1500USD for air-tickets, 630USD
>     (early bird Including gala dinner) for registration and 250USD
>     (for 7 nights) for sharing a nice little house with Gerald and
>     Nick.
> Your airfare was 3 x the conference fee - that is where you could of
> saved (maybe AreoFlot via Moscow and Havana? or similarly quality
> airline) if you can find local conferences that can be attended for
> $60 per person then great but it's irrelevant to the cost of the
> global meeting.
> Ian
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