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On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 6:39 PM, Eli Adam <eadam at co.lincoln.or.us> wrote:

> Dear Sevilla-LOC (SLOC),
> You have very specific dates that you've been lining up since 1519.
> Have you checked availability of your venue in those dates?
> Presumably it is not only geography and cartography people who will be
> interested in the day that marks the 500 anniversary of
> Magellan-Elcano Expedition departure from Sevilla towards the East
> Indies.  Have you considered other dates? (Although I do like the idea
> of your existing dates, reasonability suggestions that the potential
> for flexibility could be good.)
Dear Eli,

Although it may seem a bit random and accidentally have in common the
anniversary, the dates have been carefully chosen:

Going to Sevilla in August, besides the northern Summer problem I mentioned
some weeks ago, also may be a problem for people coming from cooler
countries. They are not used to our temperatures and may dehidrate too
much. We consider anything above 30ºC to be not welcoming for many
visitors. September, on the other hand, has a perfect 15/25ºC temperature
in average.

But on September we have the schools starting. So if we wanted to use the
university, we had to make sure it was before the full classes began and
the booking of rooms collide with our needs. On the other hand, too early
on September we have the problem of Isla Mágica being still used full time
as an amusement park. If we want the park to be closed for us, it should be
after mid September.

So, that week is the perfect week for us. The four factors (climate,
university, Isla Mágica and anniversary) match on that week.

Of course, we carefully asked about availability before selecting the
dates. Otherwise it would have been very risky. There will be more events
around the anniversary, but most of them are distributed among the full
year and the full duration of the trip.

Kind regards,
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