[OSGeo-Conf] [rfp 2019] is it possible to extent the proposal period by one week ?

María Arias de Reyna delawen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 06:26:45 PDT 2017

Sorry if it sounded harsh, my surprise was genuine. I guess we have
different ways of working.

But we are fine with this decision, as said, we want to have a good
alternative so you can choose properly.

El 27 oct. 2017 8:26, "Till Adams" <till.adams at fossgis.de> escribió:


I am happy, that you agree (and to be honest, I expected that more or less

I do not want to support any kinds of "election campaigns" here, so I feel
that I have to clarify up some things about your notice in the 2nd part of
your email:

The idea and the initiative for this extension are 100% based on my
personal thoughts, nothing else. No one of BLOC asked me to do that, so
there is no need to be surprised ;-).
I just remembered the time when we @Bonn prepared our proposal. Although
such a proposal is the sum of work of many people, in the end it was me to
write major parts and that *might* be the same for SLOC and BLOC. I say
*might* because I do not want to start any discussion on this here & now. I
also think, that the internal organisation is a matter of the [_]LOCs.

!! If this extension of the proposal period leaves any bland flavour, we
shouldn't do it !!

In general I am quite sure, that the Romanian and also the Spanish
communties are big and well organized. My intention (and my job) is to
guarantee a fair competition among the teams.


Am 27.10.2017 um 12:28 schrieb María Arias de Reyna:

On Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 12:05 PM, Till Adams <till.adams at fossgis.de> wrote:

> Dear Conference Committee, dear Maria as representant of the Sevilla
> team (SLOC)!
> I think you all have seen, that Vasile, the CRO of the recently finished
> board votings had a lot TODO's around the voting procedure. Many of
> these time consuming issues couldn't be foreseen due to all the
> happenings around the voting period.
> The point is, that Vasile is also foreseen as chair of the Bucharest
> team for Rfp 2019 (BLOC). Having noticed all this, I asked Vasile, if he
> would agree me proposing to extent the proposal period for Rfp 2019 by
> one week. This to give especially him some more time to prepare the
> proposal without running into a hastle. Of course provided that SLOC
> agrees!
> I think it's only fair and we should give BLOC the chance to make a good
> proposal for a fair competition between SLOC and BLOC. In general that
> would mean, that all the dates mentioned on [1] would slip back a week,
> but we still would be able to present the location for 2019 by Christmas
> (if the board would find a date for their final decision). We also could
> shorten the question period by a few days, so the board has more options.
> So first I'd like to ask you Maria, as representant of SLOC, what your
> thoughts on this are? Can we agree on this proposal?

Dear Till,

What you say makes sense. It is on our best interest to have good proposals
and if BLOC finds they need more time, I can't refuse. Whatever is needed
to have the best FOSS4G.

Although, I have to say, I am a bit surprised. I heard romanian community
was stronger, not depending so much on Vasile (even if he is chair). At
least for the Spanish community, we try to be horizontal and not depend on

> If SLOC agrees, I'd like to ask the voting members of CC for their
> statement (Just a question, but do we have to call for a vote, if SLOC
> agrees?)
> I wish you all a nice weekend!
> Till
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