[OSGeo-Conf] KickOff of TGP for 2018

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Wed Sep 20 08:36:05 PDT 2017

I have updated the section on the “Selection Process” to provide more clarity on how we selected in 2017

> On 20 Sep 2017, at 10:52, Till Adams <till.adams at fossgis.de> wrote:
> Dear Dar-Team!
> I just came across the travel grant programme (TGP) WIKi pages of the
> 2017 conference. TGP was - in our eyes - really successful, as we were
> able to get quite some people to F4G through TGP.
> Looking back, the whole process happened somehow under pressure, as we
> did not have much time last year (after OSGeo released the fundings, we
> only had few weeks for establishing the whole process). But for 2018 we
> of course want to improve the process and ideally expand the whole
> programme.
> This page describes what we did for 2017:
> https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_Travel_Grant_Programme_2017
> (I started to add a section "procedure 2017 which might not be complete
> as I just wrote down what came to my mind - @CCers feel free to add/edit
> ;-))
> I'd like you to put some attention on TGP when discussing your next
> steps. It would be great, if we could start planning TGP earlier (in
> words: as early as possible) for 2018 and also publish a call for
> community donations as early as possible.
> Personally I regard TGP as one of the key factors on enabling more
> people to access a F4G. And also, I'd like to have had an external TGP
> committee in 2016, but there was none. Just so you know, we are ready to
> help and support you where we can, so don't hesitate contacting CC or me
> directly in this issue.
> Till
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