[OSGeo-Conf] [Board] Final Result on RfP 2020

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Added in the agenda for Thursday meeting.



On 12/18/18 10:26 AM, María Arias de Reyna wrote:
> Thank you Till!
> On Tue, Dec 18, 2018 at 9:15 AM Till Adams <tadams at terrestris.de> wrote:
>> Dear Maria,
>> (please forward this email to the board list, as I am not registered with
>> this email adress)
>> I can confirm that the vote was fair and all voters had the same
>> informations. I'd invite you to contact also Arnulf and Cameron, the two
>> CRO's, I am sure, they will confirm also.
>> Presumably your question comes up, because there was the issue, that Paul
>> Ramsey was asked to take the program chair of the Calgary LOC in between
>> both voting stages. So Paul - not member of CLOC - voted on stage 1 but
>> stepped back on voting for step 2, because that time he was already in
>> CLOC. He confirmed, that he did not plan to enter CLOC when voting on stage
>> 1 and I see no reason not to trust him as a longterm and earned member of
>> our community. If that caused the issue, I think the information (and if
>> wanted, confirmation by the CRO's), that he did not vote on stage 2 should
>> be fine, right?
>> Steven and me asked Venka, who brought up the issue with Paul to clarify,
>> where he sees problems with that, but he did not reply yet (to be correct,
>> until yesterday evening, as I have no access to my fossgis-emails today).
>> In my eyes, it's time congratulate the Calgary team and to focus on having
>> a successful FOSS4G event for the whole community and not to question the
>> electoral process. If you read all the mails I sent to CC and the voting
>> members, I can't imagine on how to make the process more transparent. If
>> there are any suggestions for the future, CC is open to discuss this.
>> Kind regards, Till
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>> *An: *"Till Adams" <till.adams at fossgis.de>
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>> *Betreff: *Re: [OSGeo-Conf] [Board] Final Result on RfP 2020
>> Dear Till and Conference Committee,
>> For the board to vote and approve this decision, we would like a short
>> summary of the process and an explicit clarification that it was fair.
>> Usually just the short summary would be fine, but as there has been some
>> concerns raised, we would like an explicit confirmation that all
>> candidatures had the same opportunities and no classified information,
>> advantage or unfair help was given to any of them.
>> For the summary of the process, I think most of it you already sent in
>> both emails with the news of the outcome of the voting. Just wanted to make
>> sure there's nothing else worth mentioning or if there's something else we
>> should publicly record for the future.
>> As a suggestion, it would be good to clarify the process to make
>> transparent and clear what happens in case of recusation during the
>> election process (and if it is possible to do so, on what circunstamces),
>> so we all know explicitly the rules before entering the process and no one
>> can suspect unfair game in the future.
>> Thank you for your work and congratulations to Calgary!
>> María.
>> On Thu, Dec 13, 2018 at 8:31 PM Till Adams <till.adams at fossgis.de> wrote:
>>> Dear CC & OSGeo-community,
>>> I just received the final results from our voting CRO's.
>>> They have received 13 votes. Some voters noted that the quality of both
>>> proposals was excellent and that it was difficult to select.
>>> The winning team hosting FOSS4G 2020 is
>>> ***Calgary***
>>> Many thanks to the Halifax team for their great effort and great
>>> proposal, also many thanks to the Niagara Falls team, that also handed in a
>>> LoI.
>>> I only can tell everybody, that regardless where the conference takes
>>> place, it is always a pleasure to join and it is always an event for the
>>> whole community!!
>>> Finally I have one wish for christmas: Please support the winning team in
>>> order to have a great event in 2020 in Calgary!
>>> And last but not least - many thanks to our CRO's as well!
>>> Cheers, Till
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