[OSGeo-Conf] Vote stage 1 on RfP 2020 before 19th of October

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 12:40:41 PDT 2018

Voting period for FOSS4G 2020 Stage 1 is complete. We received votes from:

Eli Adam
Till Adams
Peter Batty
David Bitner
Maria Brovelli
Vasile Craciunescu
Steven Feldman
Gavin Fleming
Darrell Fuhriman
Claude Philipona
Venkatesh Raghavan
Paul Ramsey
Sanghee Shin
Guido Stein
Michael Terner
Msilikale Msilanga
Mark Iliffle

Unless it was lot in transit, we haven't received a vote from:

David Fawcett

All bar one of the voters voted as requested with a combination of +1, 
-1 for each city as requested.

One voter only voted +1 for their preferred city. We counted 0 for the 
other cities for their vote.

The sum of +1,0,-1 votes for each city for stage 1 is:

Halifax: 17

Calgary: 14

Niagara Falls: 0

This means that Halifax and Calgary both qualify to continue to stage 2 
of the RFQ.

I understand that Arnulf is in a poor internet connection area at the 
moment and I haven't been able to discuss and confirm these results with 
him. Hopefully he will be able to reply to confirm the result when he is 
back online.

Thanks to all who participated. Congratulations and best of luck for the 
next stage for Halifax and Calgary.

Niagara Falls participants, maybe you will want to find a way to become 
involved with the other cities.

Warm regards, Cameron (acting as CRO)

On 18/10/18 4:52 am, Cameron Shorter wrote:
>> On 13/10/2018 1:32 AM, Till Adams wrote:
>>> Dear Voting Members of OSGeo's Conference Committee,
>>> I know, it's still some time left today, but as I am on my way back 
>>> from Barcelona home tomorow, I herewith send out the call on voting 
>>> on the three phantastic LoI's for hosting FOSS4G 2020, that we 
>>> received. Due to our timetable in [1] the voting period on the LoI's 
>>> lasts from 13th to 18th of October (last possible time).
>>> So please send your votes to:
>>> Arnulf Christl
>>> and
>>> Cameron Shorter
>>> The voting mechanism for stage 1 is as follows: Please vote on 
>>> *every single* LoI with one thumb up / thumb down each and send your 
>>> *three* votes to the two guys mentioned above - no of the mails to 
>>> me, neither CC, nor BCC.
>>> Your Email can look as follows:
>>> Halifax +1
>>> Calgary +1
>>> Niagara Falls +1
>>> (Of course only in case, that you vote *thumbs up* for all tree ;-). 
>>> BTW: A vote against can be a "-1" and this is not comparable with 
>>> the "-1" we know from OSgeo discussions, because here it does not 
>>> require any reason and/or alternative, it just means "thumb down".... )
>>> Please find all relevant information on the WIKI [1]. The teams that 
>>> receive more +1's than -1's LoI's will pass stage 1.
>>> I hope, that ALL of us will send their voting emails to Arnulf and 
>>> Cameron before the last possibe time on 18th of October 2018 passed 
>>> - as said, we need a strong quorum, especially when there are three 
>>> teams from one country bidding for the same conference.
>>> Regards, Till
>>> [1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2020_Bid_Process
>>> Am 07.10.2018 um 08:36 schrieb Till Adams:
>>>> Dear Voting members of OSGeo's conference committee!
>>>> This is just a reminder to be prepared to vote on the LoI's on the RfP 2020.
>>>> Please take your time to review the LoI's [1], aks qwuestions on the
>>>> conference committee list until 12th of October and then please vote
>>>> until 18th of October. I just asked two potential CRO's to assist us for
>>>> the voting process, I will send their email-adresses in a seperate email
>>>> once they agreed.
>>>> Please remember that choosing the location of future FOSS4G's is your
>>>> only duty in the conference committee and remember that it is important
>>>> to have the opinion of as many of you as possible so that we can choose
>>>> the best location for FOSS4G 2020.
>>>> If you now already know, that you will not be able to rate & vote,
>>>> please drop me a note ASAP. After the RfP I will ask the members, that
>>>> did not vote, whether they want to remain as voting members or not.
>>>> Regards, Till
>>>> [1]https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2020_Bid_Process
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> -- 
> Cameron Shorter
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Cameron Shorter
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