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Sun Mar 10 10:03:03 PDT 2019

Conference Dev:
Early in our preparations for Boston, several people pointed us to this
that is linked from the OSGeo cookbook via the "Organizing FOSS4G" section
in the Wiki. This spreadsheet was *invaluable *for our planning in that it
helped us understand historic registration as well as the number of people
who signed up early bird and the overall cadence of when/how many people
registered over time.

This spreadsheet includes data going back to Lausanne in 2016, but you will
note that the last entry in this spreadsheet is from Seoul in 2015. In
working with this sheet I learned that Cameron Shorter was involved in
curating it and he and I have had several email conversations over the last
18 months on my efforts to create a new, and (hopefully) improved version
of this registration tracking spreadsheet
which is now current through 2018. Indeed, we both agreed that
modernization was called for; and then about 1 month ago Mark Iliffe
visited me and Guido in Boston and we worked with him to add the Dar es
Salaam data. With that update, we agree, and hope that this sheet is now
ready for public consumption. And, we certainly hope that it will assist
future FOSS4G teams in the way the original sheet helped us and many other

   - *Improvements*:
      - The original sheet had summary statistics on a "front tab" called
      RegDate, and that page was getting unruly with 48 columns
holding data; and
      an additional 17 tabs holding backup information. The new design retains
      *all* of the information from the RegDate tab with a new organization:
         - A *Summary* *Tab *at the front of the sheet
         - An *"Event Tab"* for each conference
      - Ultimately, it is up to the event team to determine which data are
      present in their own tab, and there was already some variation
from team to
      team. But, hopefully going forward teams can, at least, attempt to gather
      the information in the Summary Tab, i.e., info on:
         - Number of *early bird* registrations
         - Number of *host-country * registrations
         - Number of *international * registrations
      - The data are updated through Dar es Salaam, 2018. However, Bonn,
      2016, has never submitted their data (to either sheet) and their
tab androw
      in the summary are currently empty. I have also created placeholder tabs
      for both Bucharest and Calgary.
      - As with the previous incarnation of this spreadsheet, this is a
      Google Sheet stored in Google Drive with the sharing privileges
of "Anyone
      with link *can view.*"
   - *Next steps:*
      - Get the *Conference Dev committee's agreement* that this is a
      useful evolution of registration tracking and have the sheet linked from
      the Cookbook/Wiki.
      - Come to some *agreement on how this will be maintained* over the
      long haul (e.g., who gets "write access"). I am happy to
care-take this for
      the short/medium term, including keeping it in a stable, paid
Google Drive
      folder that I own/control. And, when appropriate, sharing broader
      privileges to individuals.

Feed back is most welcome. Indeed, the data contributed by all past teams
tells an interesting and compelling story of FOSS4G's evolution over the
last 12 years.

Please advise, and all the best...
Michael Terner
ternergeo at gmail.com
(M) 978-631-6602
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