[OSGeo-Conf] fast motion on TGP application of F4G NA

Till Adams till.adams at fossgis.de
Wed Mar 27 04:01:48 PDT 2019

Dear CC,

time is running fast and after our call for application we now have the
1st application of FOSS4G NA for support of their TGP. As the conference
already takes place in April, I would suggest, that we decide fast to
support their TGP with 2K US $ - although our call for application is
still open:

In total we have 25k Us $ of which up to 15k US $ are for the global F4G
in Bucharest. That leaves us at least 8k US $ for other events.

Motion: Support TGP of F4G NA with 2k US $.

Please send your motion until 31st of March (not received votes will be
counted as "silent +1" ;-))


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