Fundraising Committee Launching

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at
Tue Apr 25 20:37:23 PDT 2006


One of the working functions required by OSGeo is a means to raise money
to support it's operations and potentially to support work on foundation
projects.  To that end the Fundraising Committee was created several weeks
ago by the board.  In order to focus on incubation efforts, I have put
off launching the fundraising effort in earnest, but I feel the time has
come to do so.

To that end, I am looking for folks interested in participating in the
fundraising committee.  This participation would include developing
policies (for recommendation to the board) on fundraising, and also to
actually go out pursuing funding of various kinds for the foundation.

It is anticipated that the fundraising committee will launch a sponsorship
program, and that this sponsorship program will have a mechanism for
sponsors to identify sponsored projects and contribute a portion of their
sponsorship funds directly to support that project.  Those OSGeo projects
that are interested in pursuing such project support should ensure that
a project representative is active on the fundraising committee.

As with most committees, those not prepared to commit a substantial amount
of time to participate can still join the mailing list, review the wiki and
web pages, join IRC meetings and provide feedback.  At a later date I also
anticipate coming back to the broader community to generate leads for
potential sponsors.

The web page for the committee is at:

The Wiki page (with meetings, working docs, etc) is at:

The mailing list is at:

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