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Andy Morsell amorsell at spatialgis.com
Fri Apr 28 08:47:54 PDT 2006

My last email was not sent out with the context and sorry about the
duplicate.  Here it is again.

I'll admit that none of the logos jumped out at me and I voted for the one I
disliked the least.  But, I think if your desired approach is taken, where
constructive criticism and suggestions are provided to each submitter at
this stage, it could turn into a huge process.  What you are wanting to do
is inject your personal preferences into each design so the logos are more
the way you think they should be.  Imagine if this was opened up and each
OSGeo member (or even just the voting members) was allowed to provide the
same input to the designers....... It would be a nightmare and progress
would probably stall.  I think a better approach would be to take the
winning logo and then let the voting members as a committee tweak it within
reasonable limits.

Allan Doyle wrote:
> I am blown away by the effort that people put into these. The  
> creativity is excellent.
> At the same time, I think it's premature to vote for a specific logo.  
> I think there needs to be some iteration and some adaptation. There  
> are elements of each that I like, but at the same time, I don't feel  
> that any of them quite hits the mark for me.
> If the vote proceeds, then I'll abstain. If we decide to wait and  
> allow for a round or two of tweaking, I might feel able to vote later.
> Let me also say, I've been through some logo design work myself and  
> know how hard it is. I did not submit anything because of the time it  
> would have taken to think of something and also because of the  
> somewhat "commercial" contest rules, so I doubly appreciate that  
> people put in entries.
> Some comments. Meant to be constructive, meant to justify why I would  
> prefer not to vote yet. Not meant to be negative in any way...
> Jacob Delfos - great start. I would lobby hard to say "Putting Open  
> Source On The Map" since "OS" is pretty well tied to "Ordnance  
> Survey" in the geo-world. The globe'd "O" strikes me as a little ESRI- 
> ish, and the "E" in the font is a bit avant-garde, but I can live  
> with it.
> Brian Randy Funk - Nice concept. The G and the keyhole make sense.  
> But in the face of the other, cleaner presentations, it's hard to  
> judge this on the same level. I'm a little leery of the bit to the  
> right of the G looking a little too much like the result of an  
> explosion that happened in the G.
> Alain Grignon - Cool concept. I wish it were not so, but the image  
> that jumps into my mind is that of a bald, caucasian male. Wrong  
> stereotype. We want diversity. In a perfect, balanced world, this  
> would be ok. Some of the color choices are better than others. The  
> light-on-dark versions do look a little sinister. However, the  
> overall idea would result in instant recognition once the logo is out  
> there.
> Aaron Koning - Takes the prize for presentation. A recognizable logo  
> that works with or without the text is good. I like the colors. The  
> compass rose is a little overused in the geo world. And outside...  
> see http://www.truenav.com/ http://quartershackle.com/Downloads/ 
> background6.jpg
> 	Allan
> On Apr 24, 2006, at 17:56, Daniel Brookshier wrote:
>> Greetings
>> This email contains both instructions on viewing the logo and  
>> submitting the ballot. Please read carefully. Voting ends midnight  
>> (GMT) Saturday, April 29th, 2006.
>> We are now opening votes for the OSGeo Logo contest. The logo will  
>> be used to brand the site and creates the community's identity.
>> We have four very professional logos submitted. We have posted a  
>> page that contains notes from the submitters and links to the  
>> various parts of their submissions. There is a lot to look at as  
>> they have all one well submitting different views and uses of their  
>> logo.
>> Here is the page that lists the entries:
>> https://news.osgeo.org/contests/logo/index.html
>> Voting Instructions
>> The following ballot should be emailed to  logo at mail.osgeo.org  
>> before midnight (GMT) Saturday, April 29th, 2006. You must supply  
>> your OSGeo ID and your email address so that we can verify your ID.  
>> Only one vote is allowed per registered user of OSGeo.org.  
>> Incorrect ballots will be discarded.
>> ------------ cut here -------------
>> Ballot
>> ----------
>> Your OSGeo ID:
>> Your Email address (used to validate ID):
>> Place an X in the vote column for only one entry.
>> ------------------------------------
>> vote   |  Name of Submitter
>> ------------------------------------
>>            |  Jacob Delfos
>>            |  Brian Randy Funk
>>            |  Alain Grignon
>>            |  Aaron Koning
>> SEND BALLOT  TO:  logo at mail.osgeo.org
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