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Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Fri Aug 4 07:32:18 PDT 2006

On Tue, August 1, 2006 18:04, pmarc wrote:
> Hi All,
> Eric Raymond thinks [1] that gpsd [2] will have to move out of berlios.de.
> I don't know the details, but he is currently looking for project hosting.
> What would be the necessary steps to host the project at OSGeo?
> [1] https://bat.berlios.de/pipermail/gpsd-users/2006-August/001887.html
> [2] http://gpsd.berlios.de
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there is a process involved in becoming an OSGeo project and as any good
process this one also is alive and developing. For a starter have a look
at the application form in the OSGeo Wiki:

OSGeo currently does not have a "short cut" to provide hosting space for
any  project quickly as the intention is to grow a common umbrella for
high quality projects, especially regarding community and technical
processes health. Finding out about the health of a project takes some
time as well as it might also take the project some time to adjust to the

After graduation projects stay under constant surveillance to ensure that
they stay of said high quality. We are currently still finding out what
this exactly means.

For further information the best address is the Incubation Committee and
mailing list:

Best regards,

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