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Gary Lang gary.lang at autodesk.com
Wed Aug 16 14:29:07 PDT 2006

A further question. I am intrigued by SeanG's post on incubation. I
think it makes sense. Has this come up in these discussions?

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Gary Lang wrote:
> As a board member, I'd like to throw out a question to our audience,
> we reach the six-month mark.

Wow - six months already.

> I'd be very interested to hear the general public's description of the

> following, from their perspective:
 > What is working about OSGeo?

* We have created a healthy, diverse community which works 
constructively together.

* The community has articulated the key values and goals and written 
them down in core documentation.

* We have started testing our values by putting them into practice.  As 
we run into issues, we have shown that we can work together to change. 
(I'm refering to our ability to work together to refine the incubation 

> What's not working about OSGeo?

* It is still early, and we don't have our software stack in place, but 
I think our end goal should be to provide value to the end user.
An end user will want to easilly deploy a quality Geospatial Software
We are addressing quality through our incubation process.
However, I'm not aware of anyone within OSGeo addressing packaging of an

integrated Geospatial stack.

* I have not seen a large take up of the Collabnet platform by projects 
and think that we should be considering alternatives. I'm hopeful that 
this is already in the pipeline.

Cameron Shorter

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