Geoscience World Congress 2008 - 33rd IGC with deadline soon

Markus Neteler neteler.osgeo at
Tue Aug 22 08:35:35 PDT 2006

Hi again on this issue,

the problem with IGC is that they want an abstract now for 2008.
AFAIK some OSGeo members have already been to an IGC
event, I don't have experience yet.

One interesting issue is: all the petroleum industry will be there,
I heard that they have 8000 (!) participants. See the excursions they
offer - from Norway to Greenland and Iceland...:

But the fees are a bit prohibitive for me (Full-conference EUR 600/
half-conference EUR 450). With good negotiation we may get
reduced entry, and/or workshop organizers don't pay (no idea).

In any case: a motivation for OSGeo presence is fundraising there :-)


On 8/19/06, Markus Neteler <neteler.osgeo at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was contacted to advertise the idea of organizing a
> Free Software GIS/Geodata/OSGeo session at
> Geoscience World Congress 2008 - 33rd IGC
> While 2008 is far away, the deadline for proposing sessions
> is end of *this* month. From a draft proposal by Henning Lorenz
> I have made a wiki page:
> My name therein is a placeholder so far. We should
> now discuss if and how to participate and improve the
> Wiki page (I assume OSGeo presence there).
> Best,
>  Markus
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