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Grignon, Alain agrignon at NRCan.gc.ca
Wed Aug 23 05:15:56 PDT 2006

What about something with a focus on sharing... I find this to be something of most interest in the people I talk to. I agree, the Free Software slant doesn't click so much with established geomatics organization, but provide them a means to share their data without the need for duplication and they are all ears.

Just my thoughts. 

Alain Grignon
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On 8/23/06, Tyler Mitchell <tylermitchell at shaw.ca> wrote:
> On 22-Aug-06, at 4:17 PM, Helena Mitasova wrote:
> > Ari is right in his interpretation, I have co-convened a Topical 
> > symposium: Synergy of GIS technology and the Earth
> > Sciences: current state and future prospects,
> It sure would be nice to find a 'niche' topic for a symposium that 
> isn't simply 'free software', as many may not know they should care 
> about GFOSS.  If you can put forward a topic that is more enticing to 
> the larger group, I'm sure you could get a greater turnout?

I fully agree, Tyler. It should be data aggregation, analysis, whatever, done with the OSGeo stack.


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