Staff plan for OSGeo booth at FOSS4G (third serve)

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at
Wed Aug 30 09:09:14 PDT 2006

Hello again,
Jody suggested to use our great new Contacts homepage to poke project 
chairs more directly. MapGuide and Mapbender currently are the only 
projects with full representation at the OSGeo booth, MapServer and 
GeoTools have some representation (wouldn't this be a shame to the other 

Here we go again:

> Hello PSCs and corresponding chairs,
> thanks for the many feedback on appearance at the booth.
(this was blatant irony)
 > Please have a
> look at the staff plan listing the projects who have representatives for
> their corresponding projects. Please check whether you find your name
> there and if not add it:

Just to make sure. We want the booth to be a thriving place of 
communication and interaction. This is why we got this whole Foundation 
thingy done in the first place, didn't we? This staff plan is not 
designed by others for others, its you - OSGeo. Remember?

> We have two conference passes to give away as incentive to volunteers.

...and currently work on more. But even those two are still there!

> Before posting this information to discuss I wanted to give the project
> chairs a chance to give them to someone. Needs to be worked out this week.
> Hi VisCom,
> please also add yourself to the list, we should be able to have at least
> two responsible people (large X) [1] at the booth at any time. More is more
> better obviously.
> Many thanks,

[1] (large X) does not refer to shirt sizes but to the legend of the 
booth staff plan in the Wiki. Yes, you will have to open this URL to 
find out what this means:

While I am at it: I checked the docs in VisCom and there have not been 
any changes to the flyers. If you need help, please ask. If you feel the 
flyers are fine, fine.

Booth staff is entitled to get one of those highly desirable OSGeo 
t-shirt in any size that you request until Friday 13:47 GMT.

The same applies to the EuroOSCON where participation until now is also 
below sensor threshold.

you are near to almighty. Please come or make others come.

Best Regards,

just to bother some more i added a return receipt and high level 
priority message tag...

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