[OSGeo-Discuss] Mapguide POSTGIS

Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Thu Aug 31 18:53:06 PDT 2006

Hi Chen,

We can both drop the title, i think.

chenrg at lreis.ac.cn wrote:

> We discussed the possibility for writing PostGIS FDO a few month ago,
> and tried a little. If Paul Ramsey is working on it, we'll give it
> up, and do some other work for OSGeo.

I am not sure it you need to give up working on the FDO.
It would be nice if you can discuss with Paul and
join forces on the efforts to develop a PostGIS FDO.

Kind regards


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>> Hi Paul, Prof. Chen,
>> Prof. Chen (Representative China OSGeo Chapter), could you please
>> let us know about any ongoing work that you are doing for providing
>> Postgis support for MapGuide.
>> Are you working on PostGIS FDO.
>> Regards
>> Venka
>> Kind regards
>> Paul Ramsey wrote:
>>> I hope he's not working on a PostGIS FDO also, that would be an 
>>> unfortunate duplication of effort.
>>> P
>>> On 31-Aug-06, at 4:39 PM, raghavan wrote:
>>>> Gary Lang wrote:
>>>>> You should talk to:
>>>> will do that.
>>>>> a) Professor Chen b) Refractions
>>>>> I believe they are both doing something there. I don't think
>>>>> they are united in this and so are doing it twice. Maybe they
>>>>> should be brought together...
>>>> MPG will be at the China OSGeo Chapter meeting scheduled for 19
>>>> Sept, 2006. Maybe he could discuss with Prof. Chen about this.

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