[OSGeo-Discuss] Enterprise OSDB for OSGIS

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Mon Dec 11 16:47:55 PST 2006

Thanks for your advice. PostGIS is a wanderful project. We've followed it up for more than 2 years and will do as long as it grow big. We're considering to use PostGIS in our GirdGIS project.

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> Greetings,
> Why would you not want to build on all the work that has already been 
> done with postGIS? I confess I have not read all the comparisons that 
> you posted, but I will when I have a chance.
> postGIS provides good spatial support for postgreSQL
> postGIS is integrated with mapserver, and a long list of other OSGEO 
> related projects.
> There is currently a design discussion on postGIS to to add raster support.
> postGIS has an active community of developers and users.
> I'm sure the postGIS team would value additional support from staff to 
> grow and enhance postGIS.
> While these other databases may very well be excellent packages, this 
> seems to be counter to the trend of trying to get more people to focus 
> on less projects to make those projects move faster and be better. I 
> would think that there should be pretty compelling reason to go in 
> another direction rather than push an existing solution forward.
> Do you have a list of features that you feel are needed?
> How does that list compare to postGIS/postgreSQL?
> Is there any reason that the features not available could not be added 
> to postGIS/postgreSQL to achieve your requirements?
> I'm sure you have done much more research into this than you have 
> presented in your post below and I think it would help me and others to 
> understand and to be able to discuss what the requirements and features are.
> Best regards,
>   -Stephen Woodbridge

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