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Tue Dec 12 07:53:49 PST 2006

I hope this is not an inappropriate subject for the list, but I wanted to
ask about GIS programs in Europe. I have a background in Anthropology and
Public Health, and have been working in the computer field for several years
now (mostly bioinformatics and database interfaces). I am very interested in
pursuing further studies in GIS as a way to tie together those three aspects
of my professional background. I also have an interest in Open Source
software, since I tend to use Open Source software (I use python, linux and
PostgreSQL regularly, and have worked with R, biopython, etc.).

I am an American expatriate living in Spain, and currently I am looking at
the different programs in the UniGIS network ( The
ones that look the most interesting to me at the moment are the programs in
the UK and Amsterdam. However, I really have no way to evaluate the relative
strengths of the programs, or the departments.

I am looking for a program taught in English (Spanish or Catalan are fine
too, but I want to avoid the Spanish university system at the moment), and
can be done at a distance. As far as software, both programs require
Windows, but I plan to install GRASS and do the tutorials before I start the
program, so maybe I can get away with using that once I am more familiar
with the system (this may be an unrealistic hope). In any case, I can always
dual boot into Windows.

Thanks in advance for any advice, or pointers to more information. Sorry if
this is off topic or inappropriate.

JP Glutting
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