Peter Korduan peter.korduan at uni-rostock.de
Fri Jun 9 12:39:37 PDT 2006

Hallo OSGeo Community,

We are interested in getting involved in the Open Source Geospatial
We develop an Open Source Internet-GIS "kvwmap" under GNU-Licence based on
phpMapScript, MapServer, SVG and R&OS pdfclass. The project is hosted on

First Question: We have made some small modification on phpMapScript
Source-Code to create an OWS-Response from the map-class. How should we make
our changes available for other users or rather discuss the advantages and
forward a call for a new version to the developer team?

2. How can we check our source code against the guidelines of the osgeo
foundation for Open Source GIS Software?

Best regards from Peter,

4:2 we are in advantage ;-)
You are welcome in Germany.

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> Betreff: Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Search engines and spatial context...
> On 6/2/06, Steve Lime <Steve.Lime at dnr.state.mn.us> wrote:
> > That's what I'd like to find out, been thinking about this for years.
> Virtually everything is spatial so:
> >
> >   1) do engines look for non-explicit spatial context
> >   2) do they leverage explicit spatial context (e.g. document metadata
> or actual spatial data formats)
> >   3) do they even deal with new stuff like GeoRSS
> >
> Have a look at http://www.citeulike.org/user/ianturton/tag/information-
> retrieval
> for my bibliography on this but from the literature the short answer
> is no, or if they are no one is talking about it.
> > I would assume that Google and others do at least some of this, but
> perhaps not. Wouldn't it be sweet to have georeferenced document index
> (GeoIndex) and a GeoSpider to build it. The Alexandria Digital Library has
> definitly operated in that space but seemingly with more traditional
> spatial information. I'm curious about regular old web pages, sensor
> feeds, news stories and such.
> Our group at PSU is starting to look into this so if anyone wants to
> collaborate let me know.
> Ian
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