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I checked out the flyers and they are helpful but I was hoping to borrow
from existing presentations about OSGeo. I thought these would be cataloged
in the library but I didn't see anything there form Where 2.0. I downloaded
Dave McIlhagga's presentation a couple weeks ago so I'll use that to get


Does someone have the OSGeo presentation template as a .ppt file or PDF?




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Ned, We've got some stuff up now, let me know how it works for you... (See


>From VisCom list, Peter Moran wrote:

The flyers that Tyler and team put together along with banner artwork for
the event, the presentation template and much more are posted to the
visibility committee Documents and Files space at:




along with the other materials we produced for the event.  I also uploaded
the banner ad that Kirsten and team created, which can be seen at


The intention is to make these materials available on a self-service basis
to member projects and participants for future events and marketing efforts.


On 15-Jun-06, at 6:03 AM, Ned Horning wrote:

Where 2.0 presenters,


I am preparing a short presentation to promote OSGeo for a dual conference

with the Society for Conservation Biology and Society for Conservation GIS

next week in San Jose and would like to use some of the material prepared

for Where 2.0 if possible. Will these presentations and flyers be available

on the visibility committee web site? 







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