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Ned -

If you're not already aware of it, MapServer has been serving the global
conservation community through the Discover Life project of the Polistes
Foundation for several years now.  The Discover Life site
(www.discoverlife.org) features a "Global Mapper" link on the left on
the home page - it uses MapServer to provide free access to global maps
and over 40 terabytes of imagery, and is used by a variety of user
communities from professional biologists to elementary school
classrooms.  The project's being led by the team listed at
http://www.discoverlife.org/pa/or/polistes/team.html - I'm the "map guy"

	- Ed

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I posted a draft version of a presentation I plan to give at the annual
meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology and Society for
Conservation GIS on my ftp site:

I would appreciate comments from anyone willing to read it. I used some
material from Dave McIlhagga's NR Canada presentation and drew heavily
from the flyers for OSGeo projects and committees. Any comments are
welcome but I want to make sure I am accurately representing the
different projects. I only have 15 minutes so I won't be able to
elaborate much on individual projects. 

Once this is finalized I'll make it available in the OSGeo library.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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