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Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 20 21:10:03 PDT 2006


On 20-Jun-06, at 6:35 PM, Ned Horning wrote:
> One thing I noticed reading through the OSGeo promotional material  
> and the web site is that Autodesk isn’t mentioned. Maybe I  
> misunderstand the significance of their role in getting OSGeo  
> rolling but isn’t it significant enough to warrant mention  
> somewhere? Is there a reason not to mention their role in a  
> presentation about OSGeo?
I'm sure that you do not misunderstand their significance in getting  
this all started.  When looking at the presentations and brochures,  
for example, we intentionally removed reference to Autodesk - mostly  
at their request.  They donated booth space, brochure printing,  
template development, etc. with the aim to have the focus on OSGeo.   
So there was a deliberate attempt to not sell Autodesk on the back of  
the foundation.  That's how I saw it anyway.. Gary Lang could add  
some context.  Gary - are we underselling Autodesk's contributions?   
We left it up to Gary to talk at Where 2.0 about Autodesk's  
involvement.  I think it worked out alright, but perhaps we could do  
> On a related note, has anyone written up a “history” of OSGeo  
> starting with the formation of the MapServer Foundation?
Nothing that I know of - it is something I would like to tackle at  
some point though.


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