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Chris Holmes cholmes at
Sun Mar 5 23:01:52 EST 2006

It looks like we've got a great group of voting members in the
foundation, and now that we've wrapped up the process of electing the
full 45 initial members, it's time to complete the board of the
foundation.  Five of the agreed upon nine board members were elected in
Chicago, leaving open four spots to be filled once the full voting
membership was constituted.

Nomination to a board position is now open to any voting member of the
foundation.  In order to nominate someone, first check with the nominee
that he or she is willing to accept the nomination.  They should be
warned that the workload will be around 8 hours per week, likely front
loaded as we work on getting started up.

The list of voting members can be found at

After the person has confirmed that they would like to be nominated,
send an email to the discuss at list, with a subject 'Nomination
for Board: xxx', where xxx is their name.  Discussion about the person's
concrete merits and qualifications can take place on the list.

Non-voting, aka 'associate members', are encouraged to contribute to
discussions on the list, and can also nominate board members, so that
the nomination process is open to the full osgeo membership, not just
voting members.

The two previously nominated board members need to be renominated, so as
to give them a chance to gracefully bow out before the process if the
time commitment is too much.  Write-ins are not allowed, and will be
discarded, all must be nominated through the process.

The nomination period will last until Tuesday, March 14th at 15:00 UTC

for the time in your country).  The nominations, along with relevant
discussion from the discuss list, will be compiled into an html
document, to be posted on March 15th.

Votes will be due Friday, March 17th at 22:00 UTC.

Each member will have four votes that they can distribute, from all to
one candidate to one per each candidates. Votes will be sent to a
vote at, where Rich Steele (as secretary) and a designated
board member will tally. This will be a private list, readable only by
the secretary and the designated board member(s). Only foundation voting
members will be allowed to post to it.
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