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Wed Mar 1 07:59:58 PST 2006


I've been thinking whether I should go ahead and try to work my project
into one of the OSGeo projects. One problem is that it really is a set
of projects, and that's by my interest. I'm interested in architecture
of systems for civil engineering problem solving.

What I would like to see and use is a set of well designed tools, which
interoperate relatively easy. For example the system that I work on, is
made of the following tools:

libral C library
a visualization library for creating a GTK+ compatible map buffer
Geo::Raster and Geo::Vector Perl modules
GTK+ Map widget (in Perl)
various other widgets and dialogs, for working with e.g. geodata sets

and I link it to GDAL/OGR, Gnuplot, GTK+, and other tools, and would
like to link it with even more tools. I'd be happy to replace individual
tools that I use with other tools if they were easily usable (an
example: replace my visualization engine with that one in mapserver).

Is there any idea in promoting projects, which develop small,
well-defined, interoperable tools? Is my impression correct that the
process that's been thought of for projects to join the foundation is a
bit heavy and perhaps not suitable for small projects? I believe
promoting interoperability is one of the foundations aims.


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