[OSGeo-Discuss] New Voting Members Selected

Bart van den Eijnden bartvde at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 2 07:15:55 PST 2006

Hi Frank,

just one remark wrt the list, are there people missing from the membership
nominations list? E.g. I do not see Gordon Luckett on there:


Best regards,

> Folks,
> The membership nomination and election process is now complete, and the
> following community members have been selected as additional voting
> members of
> the foundation. We would like to stress that while the foundation needs a
> voting membership in order to insure a board is selected that is
> reasonably
> representative of the broad community, in essentially all other ways
> anyone
> can contribute equally in the work of the foundation. As the FAQ says:
> "A non-voting (i.e. associate) member can do everything a voting member
> can
> do, except vote in board elections. They can be members of committees and
> vote
> on them. They can speak up, and contribute in every other way. The
> foundation
> aims to be a do-acracy, and so the way to have influence is to do things!
> Ultimately, of course, the foundation will only succeed in its mission if
> the
> entire community gets involved -- so please don't hesitate! We need your
> help!"
> Andrey Kiselev
> Ari Jolma
> Bar van den Eijnden
> Cameron Shorter
> Daniel Morissette
> David Blasby
> Gary Sherman
> Gordon Luckett
> Helena Mitasova
> Helton Uchoa
> James MacGill
> Jason Birch
> Jeff McKenna
> Jeroen Ticheler
> Jody Garnett
> Jo Walsh
> Mike Adair
> Ned Norning
> Norman Vine
> Paul Spencer
> Rafael Medeiros Sperb
> Toru Mori
> Venkatesh Raghavan
> V. Ravi Kumar
> Next we will be launching election of four more board members from the
> expanded membership.  The Promotions and Visibility, Web and Incubation
> committees have been launched.  We are also getting going on the
> incubation
> process to establish what it means for the initial eight projects to be
> "foundation projects", review code copyright details and so forth.
> Best regards,
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