[OSGeo-Discuss] Small projects

Jody Garnett jgarnett at refractions.net
Thu Mar 2 23:37:03 PST 2006

Chris Holmes wrote:
>> I could also see the possibility of forming language oriented interest
>> groups within the foundation.  Somewhere that PHP, Perl, Python, Java
>> or even c# users might get together and that would help prepare
>> packaged binaries with language bindings for many foundation projects.
> I like this a lot as well.  Perhaps we could start committees for 
> them?  At the very least it'd be nice to have an email list where open 
> source types from each can meet and discuss with one another, maybe 
> work together.
If we can hold off on the language oriented groups for a while, part of 
my hopes for the foundation is to erase some of these very artificial 
lines ;-)


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