[OSGeo-Discuss] New Voting Members Selected

Rafael Medeiros Sperb rsperb at univali.br
Sun Mar 5 18:04:09 PST 2006

Dear All,

First of all I woul like acknowledge the support that the Brazilian
community has received. Two members are more than we expected.

For the last five years we have been working to put together all the people
and efforts related to MapServer in Brazil. We are now about to launch the
Third MapServer User's Meting, which is going to happen in Brasilia. So, I
am sure that our affiliation to OSGEO will some how bust the event. We are
also expecting some international key speakers... is this right?!

Second, one must mention the excelent and fast job that has been done in
order to organize OSGEO. It is possible to seen the open source mud in every

Finally, I am a little quiet in the list, though very active in our
projects. I hope to become more loud over time. I will list underneath my
profile, as requested.

Rafael Medeiros Sperb
Oceanographer, MSc in Environmental Science and Technology and PhD in
Applied Intelligence
Head of the Applied Computing Lab - Laboratório de Computação Aplicada - G10
Head of the Environmental Engineering Department
University of Itajaí Valley - Universidade do Vale do Itajaí
Santa Catarina - BRAZIL

Applied Computing Lab - Laboratório de Computação Aplicada - G10
There as several projects under our resposibility. The most important one to
OSGEO is the MapOracleSpacial connection, which we have been maintaing and
giving support (I guess most of you know Fernando Simon already). Sonn we 
are going to have some demos of our projects available to the public.

I guess that is it.

Rafael Medeiros Sperb
Coord. do curso de Engenharia Ambiental
Centro de Ciências Tecnológicas da Terra e do Mar
UNIVALI - Universidade do Vale do Itajaí
Rua Uruguai, 458, Centro - Cx.Postal 360
CEP 88302-202 - Itajaí/SC
Fone: (47) 3341-7876
Fax: (47) 3341-7715
Skype: rsperbskype

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