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Silke Reimer Silke.Reimer at intevation.de
Wed Mar 8 01:19:33 PST 2006

On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 at 02:32:40PM -0800, Schuyler Erle wrote:
> Frankie Lovergine raised a very good point on IRC and on the
> Foundation wiki, namely that of OS distribution related special
> interest groups within the foundation. He started a wiki page here
> documenting the existing Debian groups, to which I've added a list of
> Fedora RPM repositories:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Distribution_Special_Interest_Groups
> Unlike the Debian-related groups, the Fedora-related repositories lack
> existing community infrastructure. I personally would really
> appreciate a mailing list, an SVN archive, and maybe some web space
> for apt/yum repos, so that OSGeo RPM package maintainers like Silke
> Reimer and myself have a place to collaborate publically. Even just a
> mailing list would be a good start.
> Is there any interest in this within the community? I get lots of
> email about my Fedora archive on mappinghacks.com but the time I have
> to maintain it is intermittent at best, and I'd at least like to put
> my work in a more public place where (I fantasize that) others can
> more easily contribute.
> Is there, or can we establish a procedure for, starting a mailing list
> for a new (perhaps initially unofficial) special interest group within
> the foundation?

I think this is a very good idea. Currently I am again working on
package gdal, postgis, grass and qgis for FC 5 but my time is very
limited and so it would be nice to have a team of packagers that
could help me to get those packages in shape in the future.
Furthermore I often had the problem that I announced my packages
both on Fedora Extras and the corresponding packages email lists but
saw later on that others did the same work again - probably not
knowing about my package.

At Intevation we have set up a gforge server (wald.intevation.org)
which we can offer as plattform for communication. Thus we have a
ful infrastructure with e-mail-list, SVN repository, wiki etc. to
organise such a group. Of course this should be linked somewhere at
the OSGEO homepage to make it known by others with similar

Many greetings,


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