[OSGeo-Discuss] Distribution Special Interest Groups

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Mar 8 07:30:40 PST 2006

Silke Reimer wrote:
> Furthermore right now there isn't any infrastructure to work on one
> package with a group of packagers.  In debian GIS there has been set
> up a CVS repository to coordinate this task. Something similar for
> Fedora, SuSE etc. could be very helpful.


I quite agree.  I would add that having various packagers communicating
in the Debian GIS list has been very helpful at resolving inter-package
issues, and avoiding conflicts.  Also, I think having a discussion area
for Debian GIS (a mailing list) has provided a place where some
upstream maintainers have been able to interact a bit.

My hope is that within EOGeo we could in the short term do two things.

  o Have a mailing list and "special interest group" for packaging
    in general.  This would pull together people doing packaging in many
    environments for discussions, and hopefully also pull in upstream
    maintainers from some packages.  This is a bit like the "packagers
    BOF" I held last summer.  Get discussions going between folks on
    different platforms and different approaches.  Also provide a forum
    for feedback to upstream maintainers on best practices and so forth.

  o Setup a mailing list, web page and other resources specifically for
    the RPM oriented linux world.  Or possibly this would just focus on
    RPMs for Fedora Extras.   The goal here might be to be able to point
    end users to a collection of up-to-date, and properly interlinked
    packages for the foundation projects and other projects of interest
    in our area of interest.  The foundation could easily host services if

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