[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGEO logo contest - when?

pmarc paulomarcondes at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 11:26:57 PST 2006

2006/3/8, Jason Birch <Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca>:
> The contest framework is under development by the web committee.  Please
> feel free to comment on the wiki page's discussion link.  There are a
> few outstanding changes, mostly suggested by Frank:
>   o you should indicate some specific raster sizes to be provided.
>   o voting should be all members of the foundation (voting and
> non-voting)
>     possibly based on having an osgeo.org account.

I would like to suggest having some high profile designers on the judging board.
I mean, people really knowledgeable about corporate branding, to
ensure only high quality designs come to the board.
Probably our good friends from AutoDesk and FreeBSD should give some
hints on whom to invite to serve as judges...

I am not in a position to nominate a suitable judge nor to submit any
artwork worth of looking at. I wish I could.
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