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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Mar 9 10:29:36 PST 2006


It was pointed out to me that while the bylaws permit this, the current
call for nominations explicitly limited them to voting members.  I think
that this should be reconsidered for the next board elections so that we
don't exclude anyone that the voting members think have merit.


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Jason Birch wrote:

> Hello,
> Can I get a confirmation whether only current voting members may be 
> nominated for board positions?

A director need not be a voting member of the foundation.  From the
OSGeo Bylaws:

"Section 3.3. Qualification. Directors may only be adult natural persons
but need not be residents of Delaware or of the United States nor
members of the corporation. Each director shall demonstrate his or her
willingness to accept responsibility for governance and his or her
availability to participate actively in governance activities. Directors
shall be selected to bring a variety of interests and expertise to the

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