[OSGeo-Discuss] New Voting Members Selected

Helton Uchoa uchoa at geolivre.org.br
Thu Mar 9 11:52:32 PST 2006

Hi Frank.

I have listed in 
http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Like_Minded_Regional_Organizations a 
initial information about Brazil community and events.
There are 2 projects that I have worked with a development team of 
OpenGEO Company (www.opengeo.com.br): Geolivre Linux (Distro in 
brazilian portuguese language) and Open 3D GIS (www.open3dgis.org).
The Geolivre Linux had more than 3.000 downloads in one week and we have 
received many requests to make a english version to users in others 
countries. Probability in next version we will make a english and 
spanish version.
I'm publishing news about OSGeo in brazilian communities of FOSS 
GeoTechnologies (MapServer Brasil group in yahoo).



Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Rafael Medeiros Sperb wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> First of all I woul like acknowledge the support that the Brazilian
>> community has received. Two members are more than we expected.
> Rafael,
> I am wondering if you could give a summary of related things going on
> in Brazil for our edification.  For instance, what user groups exist,
> what conferences have been held recently and are planned.  What software
> projects are being developed.  Interesting "reference projects" using
> osgeo components.  Companies pushing OSGeo type solutions. That sort of
> thing.
> Something to give the rest of us a flavor of what is going on in Brazil.
> I would also love to see such reports from other parts of the world we
> might not hear so much about.
> Best regards,

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