Nominations for Board

pmarc paulomarcondes at
Fri Mar 10 15:38:16 PST 2006

Although I don't know him personally, I would like to nominate Frankie
to the board.

He is one of the Debian Developers responsible for Debian-GIS, and is
deeply commited to producing the best possible GIS packages to the
Debian system.

I see him as a very enthusiastic, energetic person, and able to
coordinate teamwork. (caveat: I don't contribute to d-gis, just to
upstream GRASS).

Also, I don't know Hamish in person (don't even know his surname, Moffat, IIRC)

He is a very active member in the gpsd and GRASS communities, has
worked to integrate those two great tools. He wrote and  in GRASS. Also a packager of sorts (work in Debian
He is also helping spread the word of OSGeo.

I would like also to bring up Paolo Cavallini, he was nominated in the
previous round, by Markus Neteler, so his bio is already on the site.

I have probably exceeded myself, so I apologise.
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