U.S. Agencies Ordered to Appoint Geospatial Czars

Mark Lucas mlucas17 at mac.com
Tue Mar 14 07:58:41 PST 2006

This appeared in Space News, I'll be looking into what contacts we  
can make on this.

Mark Lucas

U.S. Agencies Ordered to Appoint Geospatial Czars

In a move designed to reduce waste and maximize the U.S. government’s  
buying power, the White House has directed 27 federal agencies to  
appoint a senior-level official to oversee and coordinate investments  
in geospatial data products.

In a March 3 memo, Clay Johnson, deputy director of management at the  
Office of Management and Budget, said coordination among U.S.  
agencies in geospatial activities has improved but that “much work  
remains to identify and optimize Federal government investments.” The  
memo was issued to most of the major U.S. civilian and defense  
agencies, from the U.S. Defense and State departments down to the  
Tennessee Valley Authority.

The agencies have 45 days from the date of the memo to appoint a  
senior geospatial information officer.
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