[OSGeo-Discuss] Thinking about voting

Bart van den Eijnden bartvde at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 16 23:41:46 PST 2006

Hi Jody,

good point, I have noticed with my own voting that I also voted for the
people I "know".

I guess it's something that cannot easily be altered. Maybe even after
having read more thorough descriptions about the people I did not know, I
would have still voted for the people I know best ....

Best regards,

> A couple days ago I posted a leading question about what we would like
> to board to look like in terms of "balance" (as I would like some
> discussion the help me figure out how to vote).
> I have received a number of private emails now, so either:
> - we changed the mail group settings and "reply" just sends to one
> person now; or
> - the question I asked was a bit too political
> However I still need to think through how to vote - and will share my
> thoughts.  For those that replied to me privately - thank you. I am
> feeding the pro/cons mentioned into my ideas for the content of the
> website.
> For me the difficult part about voting this round is this: I simply do
> not know everyone yet.
> I understand that there was a request for the nominated parties to
> introduce themselves, to help in this regard. After working in the open
> source community for a while I prefer to get by via accomplishments and
> not on my hopes and ambitions   The reason for this is simple: trust.
> Let me try a small example: I have wanted to play with catalogs and
> improve how we play our game with automation for a while. However I have
> not yet had the opportunity to do so. If I keep talking about the great
> ideas I have in mind, and not doing anything about them in public I
> would soon be either ignored or annoying.
> So I am comfortable talking about what I am doing in the foundation:
> setting up a user rather then developer focus for the web site,
> floundering as the geotools representative to understand what needs to
> be done, sending out the occasional amusing post to balance out the
> serious questions I bring to the table and so on...
> If I step out of my comfort zone I can talk about where I want to take
> this foundation. At one level it is a venue to improve the state of
> things.  We should present our "projects" as "products", something that
> will task almost everyone. Although it is rather dull I am also excited
> about improving interoperability, even if this is just providing sample
> code on implementing GML and SLD correctly. I am less worried about
> things such as the development community, but as I meet other projects I
> understand that there is work to do in this area as well.
> Jody
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