Listmania! OSGeo mailing list survey

Jo Walsh jo at
Thu Mar 23 21:25:41 PST 2006

dear OSGeo discussion,

I started a survey of mailing lists hosted at 

I have an old email bot archiving / conversation mapping project of
which I'm quite fond, and I've been starting to rewrite it recently. 
The bot subscribes, or gets cc'd or forwarded email, and it builds an
RDF graph model of who's talking where, referring to what, etc. It used to
plug into dodgy social network mapping tools, also provide a kind of for email, it dates back to the 2003/4 fad for that sort
of thing. Right now it only has a local commandline interface to the
graph model, but I'll give it a HTML/RSS interface again soon.

These are the active lists that I found on * and subscribed it to. 

 * discuss at 
 * incubator at 
 * dev at
 * dev at
 * geodata at 
 * users at 
 * dev at 
 * users at  

I noted down the projects with unused mailing lists on the wiki page.
If you run an active list that I missed above, sorry, it all started
to blur together after a while, and please add it to the wiki page too.
If this ever turns out to be actually useful, i might subscribe it to
the different project dev/discuss lists in other places, too.



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