[OSGeo-Discuss] Distribution Special Interest Groups

M.Blackmore mblackmore at oxlug.org
Thu Mar 30 13:02:30 PST 2006

On Thu, 2006-03-30 at 17:36 +0900, Venkatesh Raghavan wrote:
> Dear All,
> Glad to announce that our FOSS4G Toolkit ISO-Image
> can be downloaded from http://wgrass.media.osaka-cu.ac.jp/foss4g/
> You can directly download the ISO-Image from.
> <snip>
> The FOSS4G ISO-Image was developed and tested on Mandriva Linux
> 2006. The Download edition of Mandriva 2006 has to be obtained
> (http://wwwnew.mandriva.com/en/downloads/mirrors/2006) and
> installed before installing the FOSS4G CD.

Much appreciated, must have been a bit of work putting that together.
However, Mandriva linux has some "issues" in that many components to
make a really useable desktop can only be obtained by the payment of a
monthly/annual subscription fee. Which is too steep for the likes of me
in retirement on long term ill with no income...

Debian/Ubuntu would be an obvious one to check thatt it works with - I
believe that ubuntu is now on some 40% of linux desktops, tho' how those
figures were audited I have no idea... The other "biggie" is becoming
OpenSuse, which is remarkably complete in terms of what it provides, and
doesn't have cost strings attached to it like the older Suse versions
have (I gather there are some differences between the box set and open
source set but not too sure what).

I use suse 9.3, and not being technical enough to fiddle with
dependencies, if it don't work outta da rpm, I'm up the proverbial
pre-Baselgette stream without a paddle...

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