[OSGeo-Discuss] Distribution Special Interest Groups

Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Thu Mar 30 15:10:02 PST 2006

Venkatesh Raghavan wrote:

> None of the RPM's included in the FOSS4G Tookit have been
> obtained from subscription based Mandriva Club. Also the
> Toolkit CD has been developed using the FREE Download Edition
> of Mandriva Linux 2006 that can be downloaded from official
> public mirrors without payment.

Some of the RPM packages in the FOSS4G Toolkit were
downloaded thru rpm.pbone.net. Source RPM (SRPM)for
such packages can also be obtained thru rpm.pbone.net
and have not been included in the Toolkit CD
because of lack of space. The toolkit CD is now
more than 650MB



>> Debian/Ubuntu would be an obvious one to check thatt it works with - I
> Looking for help with testing on other distros.
> I think Debian/Ubuntu Advanced Packaging Tool(APT)
> which can work RPM packages via apt-rpm.
> Would be great if we could have testers for
> Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/Suse.
> Regards
> Venka
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