Geospatial LoB RFI

Ned Horning nedh at
Mon May 1 13:34:10 PDT 2006


I'm going to have to run for the day but wanted to let you know what I plan
to do with this document tomorrow and maybe later in the week. I would also
like to put out a couple requests for help. Again, here is the URL to the

It is probably best to focus on a few sections of this RFI that are in line
with the OSGeo ideals and that we can put together a worthy response. This
RFI does not focus on software but I think OSGeo can make a significant
contribution. I may take a shot at the following sections:
Scenario 2

If someone wants to start any of the above sections please do. I'm just
letting folks know where I think I can contribute something. I'm not the
most qualified person to be writing these sections but I do think this is a
good opportunity to discuss some of these issues and hopefully begin to make
our presence known within the US Government. Please feel free to shred
whatever I write and let me know if sections or the entire document are not
worth submitting.

We need to supply contact information (point of contact, phone number,
e-mail address). Any idea on how we should approach this?

Someone should write a paragraph or more for section 2.4 which is
"additional information beyond the questions". This would be a good place to
promote the ideals of OSGeo although we do have to be careful not to market
OSGeo (this is explicitly frowned upon). Can anyone volunteer? We can
probably get a lot of reuse out of this section.

In haste, 


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