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Subject: [NOSI discussion] UK open source survey
Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 16:47:01 +0100
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I'm aware that this list mainly contains people from the US, but I'm
posting this in case there's any others from the UK, or any that are
interested in UK initiatives.

The Open Source Hub is a new initiative which aims to help local
community groups benefit from Free and Open Source software and help
open source suppliers support the sector's growing use and expectations
of technology.

It has been initiated by the National Computer Centre, who have been
commissioned to build the use of open source software within the UK
voluntary and community sector by the ICT Hub [www.icthub.org.uk],
funded by the Government to improve the sector's ICT infrastructure.

In order to put together a snapshot of existing provision and support,
it has initially put together a short set of questions which can be
found at:

There are two separate survey forms, one for voluntary and community
organisations and the other for suppliers and support agencies. The
survey closes on Wed 10 May 2006.

For more information about the OS Hub please contact:
[OSHub at ncc.co.uk]

If you need any more information about the survey please let me know.

Also, any pointers to equivalent US surveys would be useful for
comparison as well.



simon pavitt
0114 220 0843

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