LDCM and OSGeo input

Lowell.Filak lfilak at medinaco.org
Wed May 17 11:57:40 PDT 2006

Ned Horning writes: 

> Lowell, 
> Can you give me more information about the 1996 dataset you refer to?  USGS
> created the National Land Cover Data (NCLD) set for 1992 using Landsat data
> but I'm not aware of a 1996 dataset. I don't work for USGS but I am familiar
> with some of their products and the methods used to generate them so maybe I
> can help.  

Ned , 

Thanks. You have the correct date, I was not certain on that at this point 
(I did have the correct year when I made the original contacts however).
The data no longer matters to us now as we ended up contracting for Land use 
& cover in 2004.
We were originally seeking some help from the USGS but ended up emtpy and 
that concerns me if OSGeo should become directly involved.
The specific concern is that the USGS does not have a good record for 
support (or returned emails) in our experience and what that means to OSGeo.
It would be terrific to help encourage the continuation of the Landsat 
project but not at the expense of making OSGeo (or any other org) 
responsible for supporting something that isn't their's and isn't well 
supported by the originating agency. 


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