[OSGeo-Discuss] Public intervention for the 7th Libre Sotware Meeting

Tisserant Alexandre alexandre.tisserant at dgme.finances.gouv.fr
Wed May 24 01:02:42 PDT 2006

Hi, thanks for the answer.

The event takes place usually in French, although slides in English are 
said "recommended". Thus I think there is no problems to speak in 
English ; after all it is meant to be a "world conference".

Clement Jaquemet can be contacted to 
clement.jaquemet at dgme.finances.gouv.fr ; but he's very busy these times 
so don't forget to add me in copy of your emails so that I will be able 
to see with him what to do.

Many thanks.

Arnulf Christl a écrit :
> Tisserant Alexandre wrote:
>> Greetings everybody,
>> The 7th Libre Software Meeting (http://www.rmll.info/?lang=en) is 
>> going to be held between July 4th and July 8th, 2006, in 
>> Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy <http://www.vandoeuvre.fr/> , France. This is a 
>> worldwide meeting for developers and those involved in the free 
>> software community. Every year, more than fifty nationalities are 
>> represented and 1500 visitors get free access to some 300 lectures 
>> given by well-known experts. Broached topics are very varied, from 
>> cutting edge technical subjects with world class speakers, to "large 
>> public" topics as free software in education or local administrations 
>> field.
>> Clément Jaquemet is in charge of GIS aspects for the State 
>> Modernisation Department in the French Ministry of Finance. I assist 
>> him to coordinate a workshop at this meeting on the GIS topic. Thus 
>> we are looking for speakers from public or private sector that want 
>> to show their project or ideas linked to the GIS free software 
>> subject. We think that your recently created OSGeo Foundation could 
>> be worth to participate to this event and describe what you're doing. 
>> Presentations last 40min and contain time for exchanging and debating 
>> with the participants.
>> Would anyone of your organisation be interested to participate to 
>> this event ? If not, would you have some contacts (in US or Europe) 
>> that could be interested to this proposal ?
>> Regards,
>> Alexandre Tisserant
> Hi,
> thanks for the link. We let it stew some in the discuss list hoping 
> for someone to catch on but apparently the result is void. So VisCom 
> will try to fill in the gap.
> Is anyone from the VisCom team attending the 7th Libre Software 
> Meeting? Please answer asap so that we can clean out the details.
> Alexandre,
> is this event going to be take place in English or French? Could you 
> please send VisCom the contacts of Clément Jaquemet to find out what 
> we could do? If you do not want it to become public you can send it to 
> me offlist.
> Best regards,
> Arnulf.
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