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Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] Tom.Kralidis at ec.gc.ca
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Hi Michael,
Maybe it's Monday morning, I'm not sure, but this is too complicated to figure out :)  I'd like a large, black (no pocket) T-shirt (short sleeves) with the OSGEO logo.
What do I do?

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	I apologize for sending this to the whole list, but at this point I
	think the number of people ordering shirts is over half the
	membership... :-)
	Here are the details for the shirt ordering:
	* Confirm your name in on the Shirt Wiki [1], either in the "Where
	  list or the "Self purchase" list.
	* Go to the Lands' End website [2] and pick your favorite shirt.
	  - The fabric type / style must be "W".  If you look on this page [3],
	    you can see how the put the "W" next to the full product name.
	    That's what you need to look for.  W's include Tees and some Polos
	    and light denims.
	  - The shirt you select must be available in BLACK.
	  - Choose your size, specify Men's or Women's.
	  - Put the Item Number and Size next to your name on the Shirt Wiki
	* All orders must be on the Wiki by Wednesday, 11am PST.  I will be
	  the order out Wednesday afternoon.
	* If your name is on the Wiki but you do not specify a shirt style and
	  before the deadline (or if you order something that doesn't follow the
	  must-be-W and must-be-black rules), you will get the Default T shirt
	* The VIPs will all be getting Default shirts [3].
	* For the Default T-shirts, where sizes are not known, I will use the
	  cool Team Sizing Tool [4].
	* If you want to suggest/nominate a VIP to receive a shirt, let me know.
	* Shirts will be available for pickup at the hotel Monday evening; the
	  self-purchased shirts will be mailed out later.  Details when we get
	  closer to the time.
	* If any questions or problems, just send me email.
	[1] Shirt Wiki: http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Shirts#Attendees
	[2] Lands' End: http://ocs.landsend.com/
	[3] Default shirt:
	[4] Team sizing tool:
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