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Ari Jolma ari.jolma at
Wed Sep 20 23:30:44 PDT 2006

This is probably a question to the SAC but I don't subscribe to its list

I'd like to move forward with the Edu committees materials projects and 
initiate our book projects. We have several in mind and some existing 
projects may want to migrate to one place under OSGeo. I'm thinking 
going back to LaTeX (LyX), thus the materials would be text + perhaps 
binary images. Of course it can be project specific.

What should I do? I'm familiar with CVS on unix, and used it and SVN a 
bit on windows. For this I'd like to start with windows (LyX for windows 
looks good and windows works a bit better on my laptop) but that's only 
a personal choice.

Is it possible to organize nightly builds so that there's a new PDF 
available for download from some place?

Anything else I should know/think about?


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