Announce: Learning from your Stadtraum | Hamburg

Jo Walsh jo at
Sun Sep 24 13:55:25 PDT 2006

Was ziegen Karten? Was ist auf Stadtplanen nicht zu sehen? 
[babelfish] What do maps show? What isn't to be seen on city plans?

As part of this series of talks, workshops and seminars on open source,
open geodata and the philosophy of open mapping, next week will be:

Tues 26th Sept | 20:00 -> until my voice breaks, I will be talking
about a series of failed experiments in neogeography, collaborative
mapping, community networks and future local information infrastructures.
Weds 27th Sept | 15:30 -> until we get tired and hungry, an open
mapping tools workshop and GPS mapping party, along with Sven Anders from, cf:

53.550928,9.942777 |

With apologies for the both blatant and belated plug. There are events
going on in Hamburg until Oct 3rd, all otherwise in German language.
It would be good to meet any of you there. 



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