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P Kishor punk.kish at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 08:45:35 PST 2007

Dear members of discuss at osgeo, edu_discuss at osgeo, and geowankers
(don't grumble if you are a member of all three lists and get three
copies of this)

I am happy to tell you that the Science Commons Open Access Data Mark
has been announced. You can read a little bit about it on my website
along with a few related links that might help with some background.

I am very happy to see this. Science Commons has been a fantastic
"listener." From the few opportunities I have had to see them work, I
have come back with the overwhelming thought that *this* is the way to
advance the cause of science -- by being approachable, by listening,
and by being inclusive. I hope you will judge for yourself, agree with
me, and support Science Commons Open Access Data Mark as well as
Science Commons itself.

If you have any queries, or feel confused, don't be alarmed -- this is
a confusing issue, but it needs to be understood by all of us
scientists. Please feel free to talk to me about it (I am still at the
baby-steps learning stage, so I will benefit from explaining as much
as you would from my explanation) or, better yet, email John Wilbanks,
Executive Director of Science Commons.

Many thanks,

Puneet Kishor http://punkish.eidesis.org/
Ph.D. Program, Nelson Institute, UW-Madison http://www.nelson.wisc.edu/
Charter Member, Open Source Geospatial Foundation http://www.osgeo.org/
2007 S&T Policy Fellow, The National Academies http://www.nas.edu/
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