[OSGeo-Discuss] Open-Source Geolocator??

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Ted , Ravi and OSGeo,

 If you are using yahoo web-based mail system,
you will see that there is  pop-up map frame appears whenever there is a place names.
whenever there is a time description, it will pop-up a web-based yahoo calendar.

The latter is time-stamps while the former is spatial-stamps which is called Geotagger, GeoTagging, Geotag etc.
you can tag photos, documents, rss , photos, etc geospatially.

so now we already have 3 terms, geocoder,  geolocator, geotagger.  
Is someone can clarify their differences or any further like their implementation and value to us? 


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Hi All,
  reading loation from a text file and locating them on a GIS 
  can be accomplished by
  or for that matter any Open Source GIS..
  But the best is GRASS..
  How ever If one wishes that Locations to be picked up from various kinds of text inputs
  (news on internet) and attached to their locations, this will be a nice Research and development. Some food for thought..
  Data mine --> To Isolate locations
  --> Attach corresponding Lat Longs to these
  --> Input to an Open Source GIS
  Ravi Kumar

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Never miss a thing.  Make Yahoo your home page. 
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